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Hi, I'm Cathy Trinh

So glad you're here. Welcome.

I am a #1 international bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and the CEO & Founder of Recruiter Hustle, Inc. I'm also a Vietnam-born mother, cancer survivor, mental health advocate, and addiction recovery expert. I have created a socially conscious platform to raise awareness of the urgent need for Mental Health & Wellness based on the solid foundation of self-care in corporate America and across the globe.

As a self-declared multi-potentialite, I have answered my life’s calling to help others discover their passion through creating a joyful life they love and deserve through self-care practices for their Soul and beautiful life. 

I'm here to help. You're not alone.

I hear you, I see you, I've BEEN you.

With all my love ❤️, 


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Life is full of opportunities, and it is my job to help you figure out which opportunities to take advantage of in order to live the life you want. 

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. Once you have a plan and stick to it, you will get around any obstacles.


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“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts within the depths of our Soul. Allow your Journey to shape your life into a blissful and joyful masterpiece.”

                          ~Cathy Trinh



Hue Jackson

Former NFL Head Football Coach, Oakland Raiders-Cleveland Browns


“Coach Cathy’s” book will impact your life in a powerful way. She unmasks her own life and lays it out in great detail to help you become completely present in your own beautiful existence. This book will equip with the tools you need for deep self-discovery and help you deal with life challenges thrown your way.”

Brad Axelrad

Consultant & Event Producer

Face Your Dragon

“This is a timely and essential book for our challenged world that we currently live in. Cathy is deeply inspiring and her book The Journey: Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence, will not only bring healing, but will also expand your consciousness. She faces her fear as a way-shower to help you slow down into a more meaningful life.” 

Michael Devellano

Author of Automate & Grow

CEO, Cloudadvisory

“Cathy is a brave soul who shares her story and triumph over the most challenging and derailing events any person can experience. This includes her very personal stories of drug addiction at a young age, toxic relationships and alcohol abuse to cope and battling and overcoming cancer. She now helps others to create amazing purposeful lives."

“Cathy’s contagious light and energy is shown through her story of survival and ability to thrive to share with the world around her - inspiring others with the opportunities hidden within the darkness of life’s trials. Cathy’s philosophy of “Slowing Down” will empower many take a breath and find their way back to themselves.”

Dr. Kate Truitt

Award-winning Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Havening Techniques Certified Trainer

Kristi Kettle

Director of Clinical Outreach

La Ventana Treatment Programs

“Cathy is an extraordinary woman. We have been friends for many years. Along the way, we have shared some of life’s greatest joys and deepest sorrows. Cathy has remained resilient and willing to face life head-on regardless of the obstacles that have been placed in her way."

Suzan Nguyen

TED Speaker / Coach

Author of One Arm but Not Unarmed

 "Cathy is a beacon of light. Her book provides hope, encouragement and it truly impacts us all to be better. Cathy’s message can help change your perspective on how to overcome adversity and ultimately become the best version of yourself. A wonderful reminder of how resilient we are as individuals. It’s a powerful story that will change your life.

“If you want a book that will show you how, when and why to slow down, look no further…this is it. Cathy authentically shares her journey, allowing us to bravely face our own.

Jennie Ritchie

Author of Keeping it together When Life Throws you Curves

Caroline Nguyen


Director of Marketing & Recruiting

"Cathy is a free-spirited and talented soul that will keep you captivated throughout her book. She has opened her heart to the world to share her fears, doubts, power, and growth."

Bebe Gene

Entrepreneur | Productivity & Business Coach

 “Cathy’s metamorphosis is something to behold. She exuded a warmth and depth that few people did--a certain type of tattooed and friendly “cool”. Her softness which, to this day, is truly a strength. Cathy is an anomaly. So when she talks, listen. She’s worth tuning in to.”

“Cathy’s transformation in her life is remarkable and inspiring! Overcoming challenging obstacles through her faith and resiliency brings hope to those who hear her story."

Rev. Dr. Jim Schibsted

Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Anaheim & North American

Scott Sargeant

Peak Performance Coach & TEDx Speaker "The Truth Will Set You Free" (Donovan Correctional)

"Cathy has the courage and commitment to not only persevere through so much adversity and hardship but to write this book--sharing vulnerably and deeply the "highs and lows" of her life experiences and hard-earned wisdom in a way that inspires and empowers others."

Cary Hokama

Speaker | Executive Coach

Author of Own Your Self

"Cathy's life is a heart-filled invitation for you to take another look at the world - to discover your prized gift and to live a life that is life-serving. If you're longing for deeper spirituality and inner-peace but feel that the craziness of life makes self-love challenging and at times impossible, this book is for you."