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I’m a storyteller, eternal optimist, and multi-dimensional Vietnamese-American who’s spent the past two decades studying transformation, vulnerability, and human connection.



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Cathy Trinh is a successful talent strategist and executive recruiter with a top-tier executive search and consulting firm in Southern California. After a successful career spanning over 20+ years advocating and connecting finance executive job seekers to their next career, she has expanded her reach to begin a social consciousness movement through her book, "THE JOURNEY: Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence."


A Vietnam-born, California-raised mother, world traveler, motivational speaker, mindset, and cancer survivor with passion and an unbridled personality has created a socially conscious platform to raise awareness of the urgent need for mental wellness and self-care in Corporate America. She has answered her life's calling to help others discover their passion and create a joyful life they love and deserve through self-care practices for their Soul. 


Cathy's philosophy is to move, touch, and inspire her community through passion and love. She believes that education is the gateway to opportunity and solutions to many global challenges. She gives back to our community by speaking at corporations, nonprofit organizations, youth, and women's treatment facilities to increase awareness of the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. 


Cathy has a degree in Business Management from Cal State University Fullerton and is a Landmark Forum Graduate engaging in powerhouse personal growth seminars.

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