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This is the real life story of a Vietnamese-born mother, cancer survivor and advocate for mental health who has recovered from drug use, alcohol abuse, emotional dependency and self-abandonment. In this book, Cathy explores the hardships faced finding her place in the world as a child of refugees and the challenges faced growing up in a blue-collar immigrant household in the heart of gang-infested territory in Southern California. She explores in depth her struggles with addiction, lost loves and deep-seated pain. She personifies strength in her own power, finding that grace, mercy and healing can only come from true self-love. Cathy uses her painful past to tell stories of how anyone can overcome trauma to create a brighter future for themselves - one of hope, inner peace and prosperity. As a self-proclaimed, "Multi-potentialite," she is insatiably curious, not just about human potential and entrepreneurship, but spirituality, fitness and philanthropy. Cathy is invested in efforts that better the human condition, individually and collectively.

The Journey, Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence

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  • Inaugural Book

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